The last step(s) towards personalization

Mar 02, 2020
In the last few years, one word has been coming up again and again in Hospitality articles, panels, and white papers: Personalization. Every day and everywhere across the internet, marketers put forward new ways to take advantage of personal data, striving continually to perfectly cater to their cus Read more...

How hotels should adapt to the new generations

Feb 10, 2020
PrivateDeal Blog
Constantly Moving Generations   Our current society is in a state of constant, extremely fast evolution. If we look back 20 years earlier, our lifestyle was completely different. Of course, it is difficult to realize all the progress made since we are in the middle of it; we are living those Read more...

Finding meaning in OTAs’ recent stock crash

Jan 10, 2020
  For most Online Booking platforms, the end of 2019 was, to put it mildly, quite rocky. Indeed, as the decade came to a close, we saw a significant stock decrease for many huge players in the digital travel sector. Take for instance Expedia, which saw a massive 27% drop in early November, or Read more...

On the importance of embracing digitalization

Oct 07, 2019
    Last week, our team had the chance to attend a conference on the importance of digitalization in sunny Crans-Montana, Switzerland. This was both an opportunity to pitch our company and to discuss the challenges brought about by the digital age. The majority of the audience was compos Read more...

How to profit from the attention economy as a hotelier

Jul 03, 2019
PrivateDeal Blog
  It is no secret that our attention span has been drastically decreasing in the last 15 years[1], dropping from 12 seconds in 2000 to around 8 seconds today. You might have experienced yourself difficulties in focusing for a long time on one single task. In fact, serious scientific research i Read more...

Why you should be willing to negotiate

Feb 13, 2019
PrivateDeal Blog
  When looking back on the history of hotel pricing strategies, nothing really stands out until the early 80s. Before the deregulation years, most hotel stuck to a traditional model of rates, based on economic fundamentals such as cost price and profit margin. The rise of neoliberalism allowed Read more...

How AI will reshape the hospitality market

Oct 01, 2018
  “Taking a new step is what people fear most”. This quote by Russian writer Dostoevsky embodies well one of the sad lingering reality of today’s hospitality market: the fear of change. Nowadays, many hoteliers would probably rather still live in the first half of the 20th century, when guests Read more...

The end of OTAs’ impunity?

Sep 12, 2018
  The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission recently denounced the fake offers and the pseudo-objectivity of Trivago. Could this spell the end of OTAs' egregious impunity on the legal side? For more information, check out this great article by travolution: http://www.travoluti Read more...

Tips and Tricks on how to use Data Analytics as an Hotelier

Aug 16, 2018
  Recently, data collection built itself a bad reputation. This is due, in no small part, to a few big companies taking advantage of legal uncertainty surrounding the use of personal data; the most prevalent example of this being the Facebook-Cambridge Analytics scandal. As a way to prevent Read more...