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PrivateDeal & IBA join forces and unite to unleash intelligent and affordable solutions to the hotel market

Lausanne, 11. February 2021

PrivateDeal – smart negotiation solution for hotels – and IBA (Immersive Business Advantage) – Virtual tour experts- are pleased to announce the conclusion of a strategic partnership to fully support hotels succeed in their digital transformation. 

This partnership expands the realm of possibilities like a breath of fresh air on an industry plagued by hardship. Together, they encourage the adoption of innovative and high-quality services, which are perceived as differentiation means for hotels that want to stand above the crowd and acquire new clients.

Hotels calling on PrivateDeal to increase their direct bookings can also benefit from IBA’s uniquely immersive and interactive room presentation. Clients can get a comprehensive and first-hand overview of the room, interact with various content through integrated dots and make an offer on the room of their choosing.


Feel free to browse on our partner’s website, the Beau-Rivage Genève:

“Our bespoke and immersive visits integrated to the PrivateDeal solution will astonish your potential clients and assist you in earning their loyalty, all the while optimizing your processes.  The customer experience is enhanced from the get-go!” says Thibaut Hannedouche, CEO at IBA.


IBA Services organically complement the PrivateDeal negotiation solution and it is only through such tangible products that the hotel industry can move forward.

“This partnership is a core aspect of our pathway to restore the end-customer as the heart of the hotel’s acquisition strategy,” specified Isabell Jan, PrivateDeal assistant director and co-founder. “By jointly using both solutions, our hotel partners can rest assured they are offering their customers a bespoke and immersive booking journey.”




About PrivateDeal

Founded in 2017, in the halls of the innovation village of the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), PrivateDeal developed the first smart negotiation solution for hotels.

In the form of a widget displayed on the hotel websites, PrivateDeal urges users to offer their own price for a room or package, either for a night or for several hours during the day. If the offer is accepted, the client can simply pay for the stay; otherwise, a negotiation phase follows, where the system counters up to 4 times based on an AI algorithm.

PrivateDeal thus allows hotels to increase the share of direct bookings they realize by presenting users with a custom and entertaining booking experience. Furthermore, the solution optimizes pricing management through a unique demand-based strategy.

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About IBA

Founded in 2013 in France and established on Swiss ground since 2016, IBA (Immersive Business Advantage) is a digital agency and a major player in the realm of immersive and interactive virtual tours in Europe. Their solution applies to various industries, such as: hospitality, real estate, retail, education, health, entertainment, and many others.

IBA offers design, 3D Scans, and 360 degrees tour of the interior and exterior through advanced technology, such as Matterport and internal developments, all at an attractive price point.

With over 150 monthly visits, IBA is an inescapable industry player for firms that are in the market for a showcasing solution and seek to stand above their competitors.

Manned by 15 employees, IBA guarantees the following to its clients:

  • Full coverage
  • Flawless service
  • 72h delivery

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