apaleo Onboarding Guide

Onboarding Steps

Connect to PrivateDeal

1. PrivateDeal will share a unique link through a secure channel. While you are logged in to your apaleo account, click on the link.

2. A pop-up appears with the message “Create client from Link”. See the screenshot below:

3. Close the message, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on save.

4. After saving, you get a pop-up message that contains the Client ID and Secret. These credentials need to be shared with PrivateDeal through a secure channel.

Note: You should also save credentials for your reference.

5. Once we get the Client ID & Secret from you, we will map your account and activate PrivateDeal. You are now connected to apaleo.

Disconnect the PrivateDeal app

1. To stop using PrivateDeal and remove your environment and the data, you need to contact the PrivateDeal support team on the shared channel. We will revoke the authorization and delete your subscription with PrivateDeal.

2. Log in to your apaleo account, visit the Connected apps menu, click on three vertical dots (kebab menu) and delete the app.