Sell service passes and hotel rooms by the hour to boost your revenue!

Daytime reservations are a new trend that has emerged to fight back against the pandemic and that is likely to stick in the longer term. Day Use allows you to rent out your hotel rooms and services during the daytime in order to boost revenue; all without disturbing your core nighttime business. You can choose whether you want your guests to pay online or at the hotel and whether you want fixed or negotiable prices.

  • Rooms and Meeting Rooms

    Most hotel rooms are empty during the day...Why not use them to meet the needs of your customers? A peaceful place to work, a Day-cation getaway, a resting layover in between flights, a brand photoshoot, ...The possibilities are endless!

  • Services

    75% of local users say that they would be interested in trying the hotel spa in their city if it was available by the hour. Day-use booking is the solution to make the most of your spa, your swimming pool, your gym, etc. and adapt to the new market demand to remain ahead of the game.

By including Day-use bookings in your strategy, PrivateDeal allows you to:

  • Generate incremental revenue

    Monetize room downtime by easily defining when and how you want to push your sales.

  • Diversify your offer

    Propose new options tailored to your customer needs.

  • Increase your local awareness

    Attract local customers and increase your occupancy rate.

  • Improve the guest experience

    Give your clients the flexibility they are looking for.