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52% of guests

visit your website
after seeing your hotel on an OTA


Less than 10%

book directly on your website

One simple offer button or slider
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Get to know the price
that guests are ready to pay

Adjust your prices instantly thanks a daily dashboard and online statistics!

With our new generation of booking engine, your guest is the price maker. For each offer made by a potential guest, you get to know what price he is ready to pay.
You can create rooms & package offers anytime during the year in order to maximize your occupancy.
For the guest, no need to go elsewhere, the best price is his, in DIRECT.

Day & Night

The one and only for night & day-use.

Do you want to maximize your Revenue?
PrivateDeal is the only booking engine to allow bookings for night and day-use. For your business guests who need a quiet hotel room to work, couples who wish to escape for a few hours during day-time, did you think about day-use?
Whatever the period of the year, the guest can always book directly for a night or a day-use stay...

Forget Price Parity

A total freedom, all deals are unique and private.

For countries where price parity is still impacting room sales, our solution is THE solution. Each deal is unique and private!

Guest data is Power!

We collect for you guests’ data provided during the bidding process, whatever the outcome of the offer. You have free access via a secured extranet to your own client file including all accepted AND rejected offers.

Understand your guests’ expectations by capturing the price they are ready to pay by period and type of room/packag. You can contact them over targeted marketing campaigns.


1, 2, 3 ! It has never been so easy

Register your property here,
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